Motherhood Gave Me My Voice

When I became a mother 15 years ago, I expected some perks with the job. The way a newborn will hold on to your finger when you are feeding her, or the way your two-year-old’s face lights up when you walk into a room. Being the one who gets to hear your son ask God to bless the baby in mommy’s tummy or hear your daughter say I love you for the first time.These perks make up for the sleepless nights, days full of worry, spit covered shirts, and prematurely gray hair.But there’s one gift motherhood gave me that I never, ever expected–I gained my voice....more
Life Breath Present  Yes, it really is!!! Happy Mother's day!more

Hey 19

I know, I know - you've read this all before.Too bad.It is time for the Annual Birthday Post! My tiny little 1lb babies are 19 today.I know, right? Some of you have been reading the Birthday Post since they were about 10 or 11.Time is not just flying, it is traveling at the speed of sound. I remember a tiny Becca setting her pacifier down in something that had spilled...she picked it up, took a suck, and said, "What the hell is all over this?!" It made me laugh so much that I couldn't even correct her....more

Take Care of Each Other

We were invited to a birthday party a few months ago of a little boy close to Christian's age. It was at a park. Christian is getting bigger and not looking like a baby so much so we get a lot of stares. We have a safe little bubble, our family, his school, of people who know him and love him. But when we step outside of the bubble it's glaringly apparent that Christian is different. Those who stare the longest and even make comments or look terrified are usually kids, mostly boys, that are pre-teen, around the ages of 8-10. ...more

The appetite.

Her daughter had little energyEven less appetite.Meals were difficult.  A good parent prepares healthy meals.B wanted none of it.  Alright this is ridiculous!Hi to you too!  What’s the matter?...more

The battle of the wills.

Her daughter was born medically fragile.She had too many diagnosis to list.She was actively dying.She had special needs.She was small in stature.She couldn’t walk far or fast.  But, she was still a child....more

Trick or Treat for Special Needs Ghosts and Goblins

  Guest Blogger -Jenn Solomon...more

Lean In, Opt Out, What the F*ck?

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but have been putting it off. It hits so close to home ... and I am also of two completely different minds on the issue, and still trying to figure it out. I don’t have the answers ... but I am living with the questions. ... and the repercussions – both good and bad – of the answers I’ve chosen to date....more
Well, you did the best that was possible for you and your family. Just because someone writes a ...more

A Gift Only Adoptees Can Give

It's a gift adoptive parents can't give, birth parents can't give, or adoption professionals can't give. Only other adoptees can give it to one another....more

The Wheelchair

Last night I had a conversation with a friend about grieving which got me thinking about my own grief in relation to my pregnancy, childbirth and everything that followed. Although I am grateful for our miracle twins, I also felt a deep sadness from having a very complicated pregnancy only to be followed with our micro preemie babies spending three long months in the nicu. The funny thing ( or maybe not so funny) is that it took me a long time to feel anything other than fear. Mostly I was just very tired and numb....more