Who Makes it Special?

Long ago, in a land not so far away, I picked up the label "special." Not me, no, the label was for my special needs child. This is what we call it now. Retarded, held back, different, slow, freak - we're moving past those awful stereotypes; those terrible words. Now, we're special, and when things are special, life changes. There is no going back.Divorce and single parenting strikes many families when a special needs child is born. When I thought the one closest to me would help me, rally around me, I found myself alone to parent two children....more

The Stigma of ADHD and Our Kids

Forgive my rant, but there is something really troubling me. Since realizing my son has a learning disability of some sort back in September 2008, I have been fired up about learning disabilities and how many children are crying out for help and are being overlooked. While I am still fired up about learning disabilities, I am obsessed with ADHD since my son's diagnosis of the disorder in November 2008. ...more

Thanks for your post - it will help lots of parents as well as their children. The story I'm ...more

Knocking over hurdles, and clearing our first 'high jump'

My youngest of three is Sean, his diagnosis is: Severe Bi-Polar Disorder/ADD/OCD He is so much more than these labels.  This is my first public blog detailing our journey as a family fighting mental illness, dysfunction and labeling. ...more

Randy Pausch gave his last lecture

          October 23, 1960-July 25, 2008  (aged 47)                  Pancreatic Cancer Victim offered to help people change their own lives by his example of living life to the fullest as he faced   his own death. ...more

Parenting Special Needs Children

Without a doubt, this parenting gig is hard. One of the better quotes I've ever heard uttered about parenting is in the movie "Terms of Endearment" (1983) when Emma (played by Debra Winger) explains to her husband just how difficult parenting alone will be for him. She says, "As hard as you think it is, you end up wishing it were that easy" and it's the most poignant and honest assessment of parenting as I think I've ever heard. ...more

Thanks for focusing on parents with special needs kids. I have two myself and connecting with ...more

Need To Breathe

Tired of lace and washing my faceProper manners and saying graceSick of tiny tea sets and game of croquetToo much sheltering...my strenth wanes awayI want to cross the street and have some funGet my clothes dirty, enjoy ribbons undoneNeed to open that gate, find a real playmateNannies and mommies suffocateNeed to go where I can breathe real airAnd take someone up on a daring dareNeed to skip a few streets downTo where the charity children play  ...more

Where Am I?

When I was very young, I remember reading an article where the author described having a disabled child in an interesting way. Basically, she said, that having a baby is like planning a trip to a really great place, like Paris. You buy tickets, learn French, pack your bags and tell everyone you are going. You get on the plane to Paris, but then, when the plane lands, you are in Holland.  You are disappointed and unhappy. You know French, not Dutch. You are packed for Paris. You want to be in Paris! ...more

That analogy sounds so familiaar. Have you read the book "Expecting Adam" by Martha ...more

A Yellow Missile Victory

Blank stares. Concentrated smiles. Forced high pitched enthusiasm. That’s what we get when we excitedly talk to other parents, of traditional kids, about how happy we are that Alex has won the right to ride on a regular school bus. Now, it’s not anyone’s fault that they don’t get why this is so important, but at least they have an understanding that we see how important it is. ...more

School uses mom's blog as evidence against her

Judi Sohn, the mother of a girl whose special needs she claims were not being met by her daughter's school, reports that the school has used her blog postings against her in legal proceedings. Was Sohn treated fairly? We don't really have enough evidence to say, but Sohn's case is a fascinating one. I'm going to quote at length from Sohn's post as a way of summarizing her story: ...more

Well, I've thought about this a lot, as well.  I once had my diary/writing journal stolen and ...more

Motherhood: Fact vs. Fantasy

Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be so hard Coldplay, “The Scientist” ...more