How Do You Forgive Someone Who Ruined a Life?

How do you forgive someone who ruined a life? If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I am the proud mama of two amazing special needs boys: Gage and Connor. Both are Shaken Baby Syndrome survivors and are two of the most important people in my life....more


Anyone with a special needs kid of any kind wrestles with how much to pathologize, how much to accept, how much to change, how much to except and hope.  This is just one perspective from one complicated diagnosis but maybe, hopefully, it can start us all thinking and talking more openly about what our options really are - medical and non-medical.

Don't Cry, Mom

Funny thing about being a mom: Some of it's not that funny. Don't get me wrong: A lot of it is joyous, glorious, fulfilling. Even when you're sleep deprived, at the fraying end of your rope, wishing you'd had your tubes tied when you were eleven, one look at those tiny, precious faces and somehow it's okay. You have your babies, get to call yourself Mom. Then they start doing shit. You gotta start kissing boo-boos....more
delray09  There is, indeed. Thank you for reading!more

Riding The Horse When We Get There

I'm finding myself in a doctor's office, again... My son has just taken off his shirt to get his chest examined. The sight of the gaping hole at the level where his chest bone should be has become so familiar that it's not shocking to me anymore. The doctor isn't visibly shocked either, it's her daily job to examine sick kids and kids with deformities. But when she starts talking I can hear the worry in her voice. 'I think it has gotten worse since the last time I saw him and maybe the time has come to do something about it' she says......more
Beautiful! I'm holding back tears.   I tend to be a worried, indeed waiting to ward off pending ...more

5 Tips on Helping Your Autistic Child Enjoy Holiday and Birthday Parties

Bubba is on the Autism spectrum.  Newly diagnosed, we have been wracking our brains and wearing out Google and the local library trying to look up everything we can to make his life easier.  One of the biggest issues he faces, along with other children on the spectrum, is sensory overload in relation to big crowds and loud noises.  Poor...more

The Joy of Baking

The Joy of Baking ...more

The Sucker Punch

I probably shouldn't be so hard on the parents who think their perfect kids are the result of their perfect parenting (and think my kids' issues are exaggerated, made up, or easily fixed by a mere cracking of the whip).I could so easily have been one of them myself ... if I had stopped after my first kid.Apart from the first 12 weeks of ear-splitting, sanity-shattering, soul-shriveling colic, my first child was like Mary Poppins –...more

Rhymes With Duck

Rhymes With Duck When you have a child with echlolalia you learn to hold your breath! You pray that every adult he engages in conversation with is appropriate and not sarcastic. And you never swear in front of him. ...more