Special Olympics state team finals in Michigan this weekend

Despite having a serious medical condition, Ryan Groves competes in track and field with Special Olympics. He and his parents also raise funds for the TS Alliance, an advocacy and resource group for families affected by Tuberous Sclerosis.Read more and watch a video interview here....more

Alex you ARE a super hero!

In the last two years we have done some future planning with Alex. We have used the PATH process to help Alex articulate her dreams for her future and the steps needed to make these dreams positive and possible. ...more

Golfing, Special Olympics and Ballet Slippers with Pompoms

 My family is off today, helping with the Special Olympics.  YEA, for them, YEA for me.  I'm at home, alone, with peace and quiet.  Beerhound drove me crazy last night before bed, being his normal self.  I had to call Bonnie in to save me.  She's becoming a much better daughter and immediately came in and got him started on string theory and the explosion of the universe.  It's like pointing out a truck to bouncy baby boy. "Look BB, truck. It's a truck" ...more

Mother-Daughter Team are Champions for Special Olympics

Meet Molly Hincka, a 20 year old Special Olympics athlete, and her mother Kerry. Although Molly has faced many obstacles in her life, Kerry chose to see the possibilities beyond them. The mother-daughter team star in a national Proctor & Gamble campaign called "Thank You, Mom," designed to bring attention to Special Olympics athletes and the moms who support them. ...more

What a great story about a Mom encouraging their child to be the best they can be. So ...more

St. Patrick's Day Race

The day came and although not technically St....more

The Real World Champions

I'm so glad that Susan Senator wrote this post ("Are You Game?") highlighting this article - otherwise, I wouldn't have had any idea that the 2009 Special Olympics Winter Games are being held this weekend in Boise, Idaho. ...more

Beauty Is In the Heart of the Beholder

It was once believed that "Beauty" was "in the eye of the beholder." It was also said, that "Beauty is only skin deep." Now that you are all awakening, it is becoming quite evident that beauty is not only in the heart “of the beholder,” but also that it is much deeper than the "skin." The most beautiful sometimes, is locked and hidden so deeply that if you continue to look with only your eyes, and only to the outer shell or circumstance, you will miss some of Life's most beautiful. ...more

What Makes Us Human

Last night I volunteered at the Special Olympics Virginia Winter Games Opening Ceremony. It's my third year working the souvenir stand as a "SOVA" volunteer. Nearly everyone there, with the exception of a few exhausted parents, was walking around with a huge smile. Every year I am impressed with all that these athletes can do. For these Winter Games, the athletes figure skate, speed skate (!), bowl, and do gymnastics -- and pretty much all of them are better at those sports than I am. ...more