My life was written on ten sheets of paper

I have a lot of interests and talents. I think I came to grips with this when I did an exercise in career analysis many years ago. I read the book "What Color is your Parachute?" a practical manual for job hunters and career changers. It's an annually revised book by Richard Bolles. The exercise I remember best was to take ten sheets of paper and write "Who Am I" on the top of each sheet. The exercise is to find out what your passions are and what you do well. At the time of the exercise I felt devoid of talents....more

I Have a New Talent!

I can't say how many times I've heard that every pregnancy is different. Well - everyone who has told me that is absolutely and completely right. I can vouch for them with my own first hand account. From the beginning this pregnancy has been different. Now in my third trimester (as I type this I'm 29 weeks) I am really starting to feel uncomfortable. Plus, I have this really weird thing going on. ...more