Autistic Child Kicked Off Airplane: Was She a Threat?

A teen autistic child and her family were kicked off a United Airlines flight to Portland. The plane made an emergency landing. Officials arrived. The family escorted off. Was the girl a threat? ...more

Constantly Being on the Defensive Gave Me Wrinkles

    Yesterday we were headed out for a BIG day! By big I mean, a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for Liam's cousin. A few errands, and then over to my parent's house to celebrate my dad's birthday.     I had been prepping Liam for the last two days. Any earlier and he would have just perseverated on it so much, that school work would never have gotten done. I was mentally preparing myself as well. All that noise. All those kids. Other parents watching us. Judging us. ...more

The Gift of Special Needs

Saturday we went to a Christmas party hosted by Parent to Parent, our local support group for families with children with special needs. We have just recently gotten involved with them and it has been great to connect with other parents in our community....more

My Toddler's Heart Surgery {Two Years Later}

Two years ago today, at 7:10 am we handed Apollo over to the surgical team at Texas Children's Hospital....more

What We Fought

The recent reminder of Why We Fight, ultimately led to reflection on what we fought. The truth is, I have never thought of Autism as something we have to fight, needed to fight, or as something Cooper is fighting. I know that some look at it that way…and that is valid, not that anyone needs me to validate their feelings or give my approval. This is simply,  just how I look at it....more


 People are naturally drawn to Josie.Her infectious little laugh rings in yours ears and can evoke a smile on even the darkest of days. With an unsteady gait, she is not as fast as the other kids. Her climbing skills are only starting to develop, but she wants to be in the middle of the action on the playground. With older siblings to hold her hand and guide her, I don't have any reason to fear as I wach her ascend the staircase to the slide....more

A Very Special Thank You To A Special Boy

Summer is almost here. I had picked my blue beaded sandal to wear that day. As I was waiting outside my daughter’s art class, I felt a little nudge on my feet. I looked down to find two tiny little shoes trying to fit into the curves on the side of my sandal. I said to the little boy who seemed fascinated by my sandals “Hi There, I think you like my sandals.” He looked up, his forehead covered with beautiful golden hair and smiled at me....more

MADison with a Capitol MAD


Imperfection is the New Perfection

A sweet, sweet, post. Baby learning how to act like a man. And a good man at that. Beautiful post.more