Vlog 1 Autism Recovery w Drew!

Gonna start a weekly (if my brain can remember) Vlog.  If you have questions for me or Drew, please send them to us and we'll answer them on the Vlog!  Email me, comment on here, FB me, etc. :)Follow Us Too! Check out our new Vlog here!...more

Amazing Women Day Five

Let me tell you about a friend of mine.Lisa is one of the most incredible women I know.  She runs the Speech and Accent Academy in Miami, FL. Do you have an accent you wish to reduce?  She's your teacher.  Do you have a speech approaching and need some feedback?  She's your coach.  Lisa is also your biggest cheerleader!  There is nothing that gives her more pleasure than to see one of her students succeed....more

Democrats Relocate Tonight's Big Party: Will It Dampen Enthusiasm?

When I asked some of the volunteers at the Democratic National Convention about Barack Obama's acceptance speech being moved from the outdoor Bank of America Stadium to the more weather-friendly Charlotte Convention Center, I could see the disappointment on their faces. They've been working long hours all week, helping things go smoothly, cheerfully directing delegates and those of us in the press and bloggy world to get to where we needed to go with as few hitches as possible....more
After Clint Eastwood spoke to the empty seat, Obama couldn't afford to have empty seats during ...more

Chips Please Mama!

“Chips please Mama.”...more

Toddler-talk and the Bilingual Child!

 Milo, my little bilingual boy! ...more

Honoring An Awesome Sojourner Truth With Remnants From Her Women Rights Speech!

Monday February 28th, marks the end of Black History Month....more

Signing After Speech

First foods, first steps and first words are important milestones in any baby’s life. For parents who are signing with their babies, the first sign is also a monumental moment. I remember Joshua and Sabrina’s first signs very clearly. Joshua signed ‘fish’ at 9 months of age while Sabrina’s first sign was a mischievous ‘no’ at 11 months of age. At the same time, new moms often ask “My baby is 11 months old, is it too late to start signing with her?”...more

"Maddie in black"

At 3.0 years of age, in fact exactly on her birthday, Maddie's mom began to supplement school based speech/language therapy with private therapy two hours weekly. Maddie was diagnosed with autism and although that label was applied at 18 months of age, it was just finally recorded as her diagnosis and indeed she was. (I am in the camp that believes that there is an insanely huge overuse of this heavy-duty term but in this case it was correctly applied.)...more

Love to hear people enjoying the creativity of language! Those are priceless - keep them coming. ...more

Speech: what is it really for??

At 4 years of age, Chaz glances up and points to a bulletin board in my office that is loaded with children's arts and crafts, and initiates discourse with the utterance:             Chaz: pictures Sandy:       Yes, lots of pictures!...more

Speech and Language Disorders: Basics of What to Do

A Basic Checklist of Responses to my most Frequently Asked Questions:...more