Change the Way You Speak to Be Happier at Work

I am lucky to have once had a boss who showed me what it would look like to be competent, likeable, and also very firm in my speech and actions at work. While I’ve been fortunate to have a number of positive female role models in the workplace over time, this woman in particular stood out to me for her seeming commitment to not let her gender or stereotypes about her gender influence her success at work....more
Really interesting article. Thank you for sharing.more

Young Women Find Their Voice – By Frying It

Here is a topic that is really interesteeaang. If speech intonation could reverberate in written media that last part would have sounded like a buzzing engine of some sort. Or like a croaking frog. Or like a hidden speech strategy that allows me to gloat standoffishly while you hopefully wait with exuberant anticipation for what I will say next. By letting my sentence fizzle out with a raspy hum I might signal that I’m a true authority on the subject matter....more