What Happened to Dinner and a Movie?

Seriously, what happened to dinner and a movie? That was the question I asked my best friend the other day.It seems like every guy I meet lately is only interested in one thing — sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive. I know that 99.9 percent of the time, sex is the only thing on the minds of men, but, come on, give a girl a little bit of credit....more

Speed Dating -- for Moms!

It is a Tuesday evening and I am going out without my husband or the kids. I have a date. A speed date to be exact. Since I started dating my husband in my early 20s, I missed out on the speed dating phenomena which was popular then. Tonight, seven years of marriage and two children later, I have my chance. I should clarify that while I am going on a speed date, it is an event arranged by the Lullaby League, where the speed dating format is used for parents to meet and interview a number of babysitters in under an hour. ...more

BlogHer '12

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmSo I went to the BlogHer '12 annual conference yesterday.My first....more

My First Speed Dating Experience

I'm about to head out for my first speed dating experience. Was a last minute sort of thing, friend posted a Facebook update that her friend still needed girls for tonight's event and wouldn't it figure it is being held in my neighborhood and is free, so why not? I figure I have nothing to lose, but I'm still nervous, I feel like I'm going on a job interview! ...more

Men, Women, Selfishness, and Cotton Balls

Okay, seriously, what the hell is up with the cotton balls?!  I had a meeting in Jefferson City today, where they happen to have a Target and a Kohl's (cue the choir of angels).  Get this:  Target is also out of cotton balls!  Did a plague of locusts destroy our nation's cotton crop?!  I read something once where a man was saying he had no idea what women did with so many cotton balls.  Trust me, they are a necessity.  And apparently a scarce commodity right now. ...more