#MicroblogMondays 2 - My Name Is

My name is Laurel. Yes, my name is a little bit different, somewhat uncommon... and I love it. One small problem, though, is that my name is enough like other, more familiar names - Laura, Laurie, Lauren - that it's often mistaken, misspelled, and sometimes even completely mangled. You might be surprised at just how many different ways you can spell some approximation of Laurel, but this week's visit to Starbucks gave me an entirely new variation to add to my collection. ...more

Bobdee or Why you shouldn't screw with the spelling of your kid's name.

I really dislike it when people misspell my name. In my mind, if I were famous, people would actually remember how to spell my name.  In reality, I fear it would just up the amount of people trying to spell my name and failing. ...more

Tattoo Tragedy

CNN Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList recently tackled tattoos.Apparently, some people are sporting misspelled slogans.Examples abound. Cooper explained Hockey star Brad Marchand has” StaRley” Cup “ChampiAns” in ink on his arm. A young woman wears “Sweet PEE” tatted across her lower back.Um, “Sweat Pea,” the term of endearment/garden flower might have been what she was after. Unless she was having an “I pee and I’m proud moment.”...more
Hahahahah speaking of spelling mishaps, or rather incorrectly worded quotes in this case, it's ...more

Spelling SNAF.U.

I’ve been able to measure our son’s rapid growth by how close his hands come to the faucet on our bathroom sink and where his feet hang on his father as he lays asleep on his shoulder.  I’m growing, too - far less noticeably - but I’m taking one toddler step at a time.   Recently, my husband, E., our 2.5 year old son, K....more

commonly misspelled words

If you’re like me, you’re crazy. Hahaha no but seriously. If you’re like me, you like words. I like words better than numbers which means that I can spell. Pretty well actually. SO much better than I can add or subtract or do any other math thing.  To be sure, I occasionally make mistakes, but with my own writing I strive not too. The only time I don’t mind if I misspell words is if I am texting and on Facebook. Those of you who have received a text from me know what I am talking about:  The word that is in my brain just somehow doesn’t get to those teeny tiny little phone keys....more

spelling bee.

I just finished reading a book, the title and author of which I won't disclose. ...more


I'm going to call this Theraputic Thursday. In which I admit to you a little of my OCD behavior. ...more

Chanukah II

I probably should not have gone out at all since I'm still sick. However, I just couldn't take one more day inside. I needed a change of scenery. A friend came over (thank you N!) and helped me take Peanut out for a mini trip to the bookstore/coffee place. Since we were both technically still sick (though Peanut really just has the leftover cough, she certainly isn't acting sick at all), I kept her out of the kids' section with the t-r-a-i-n-s. ...more

Bless the British!

In the 1950s, a Canadian writer named Helen Gordon McPherson wrote: "Canadians have been so busy explaining to the Americans that we aren't British, and to the British that we aren't Americans..." ...more

I'm a Canadian planning to relocate to England for a year or so, and I'm noticing much of the ...more