Vegan spelt pecan pie

Vegan spelt pecan pie!...more

Easy Homemade Spelt Bread

Vitaspelt Giveaway

Do you enjoy healthy cooking? Do you like to incorporate wheat alternatives? Then this giveaway is for you! Enter to win a fabulous selection of spelt products from Vitaspelt.  Prize include: one 5 pound bag of Vitaspelt flour, one package of Vitaspelt spaghetti, and one bag of Vitaspelt pretzels.  Retail value: $25...more

Mini Blueberry Spelt Muffins

I've had the entire week off of work and feel like today is the first day I have actually been able to relax! Relaxing in my standards is baking, cleaning and going to the gym :) All 3 things make my day so much more enjoyable. So, after waking up at 5:45 am with Ollie and having a nice big bowl of oatmeal to hold over my hunger for a while, I hit the kitchen! I had some spelt flour left over from the scones I tried to make last week and wanted to give this flour another try....more

A moist bran muffin with a cup of coffee

A moist bran muffin with a cup of coffee I have a sweet spot in my heart for bran muffins. ...more

Best Chocolate Blueberry Muffins Ever

Though it would not seem like it from the deafening silence from this quarter I have been busy. We celebrated my daughter's twentieth birthday this week. The actual day was a weekday so there was not much time for celebrating in the morning. I got up early and made Birthday Cinnamon Coffee Cake for breakfast in honour of the day. My timing was a little out though....more

Ugly Ducklings

Oh, my poor family....more