Hold the Phone! What Am I Paying for?

I got a little taste of corporate marketing trickery when I called Verizon Wireless to ask where our free gig of data went. We had an extra free gig that was supposed to last all year, and I noticed on our bill it had disappeared. ...more
Corinne Rodrigues That is interesting - so it's a worldwide problem! Makes it seem consumers are ...more

7 Reason Why You Are Still Broke

It seems like these days the more money you make the more you spend. You go to work every day, make a respectable salary to pay your bills and still have some left over too. So why don’t you have more money in the bank?  The truth is that financial freedom does not come easy. You cannot rely on the same financial practices and expect a different outcome. If you take a good look at your spending habits, it may become clear what is holding you back. See if one of these 7 reasons are contributing to why you are still broke....more

Spring Cleaning Your Life: 4 Things to Focus On

When it comes to matters of money, it’s easy to let your financial issues collect dust. You’re likely skip out on cleaning what you can’t see. Are you apt to toss bills you can’t pay in a junk drawer so that they pile up over time? Do you have a bad credit score that clings to you like the scummy build up on your bathtub?...more
Nice, not the typical home cleaning as I perceived before clicking the article. Thanks for the ...more

5 Ways To Cut On Holiday Spending

Every year we face the same challenge that comes with the holiday season – keeping our costs under control. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, and with all the extra holiday temptations it only gets harder. It’s traditionally the most expensive time of year for families, and while this can’t easily be changed it doesn’t have to mean that things are unbearably expensive or that money can’t be saved....more

Buyer Beware

It’s amazing how not having any disposable income can quickly cure you of a shopping habit.As a person who never saw a mannequin I didn’t like, I've never understood how some people could be happy by just browsing through the aisles.Window shopping? Where’s the satisfaction in that? I didn’t have an overly active imagination as a child, and that hadn’t changed as I’d gotten older, so I couldn’t actually picture the dress on me if it wasn’t actually on me....more

Nature is Rich--in Resources--Just Like I Want to Be

Image Courtesy:  www.freedigitalphotos.netBy Linda Katz...more

I'd Rather Go To Starbucks

I really don’t like…wasting money. If I pay for food that’s not good or go and see a movie that I don’t like I get really upset about it and it bothers me for at least a day or so.  I don’t mind spending money on good food and quality clothes but I really really hate wasting money.Don’t waste money, just do what you love...more
@TahnyaKristina  Both? Sort of? I do love my Starbucks ... and it's not so much that I don't ...more

Coming Clean About Spending With My Husband

I will not spend needlessly in Nordstrom Rack.Thankfully, this was not one of my wedding vows. Because it would have been a lie....more
It's great that you're recognizing that there is a problem and you're willing to talk about it ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” A Good Time to Reflect on Budget and Expenses 1-18-12

Today’s influences continue in the financial sector, having us feeling anxious about money, and troubled about large capital expenses.Opposing Energies: anxiety, stress, poverty-consciousnessWhile the problem may seem unexpected, it is most likely connected with your spending habits.This period is still a good time to reflect on budget and expenses and how to end some habits.Wide Awake Words™ for today: reliable, consistent, welcoming...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Challenging Your Negative Thoughts 1-15-12

Several relationships with money are the focus today: excessive spending, money-making ideas, and learning how to make money.Opposing Energies: impulsive, irresponsible, willfulYou have an opportunity to turn negative financial behaviors into more transformed patterns.More importantly, you’re learning to challenge your negative thoughts and impulses into positive change.Fear has no positive outcome.Spend time reflecting on yourself, your thoughts, feelings and worries....more