Five Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Your Sperm Count

Eliminate drugs, smoking, and alcohol. All of these can decrease  your sperm count, motility, and your sperm’s ability to fertilize an egg.Examine your diet. What you eat can play a big role in sperm quality. Deficiencies of folic acid, vitamin C, selenium and zinc can lower sperm count....more

Buying and Selling Eggs, Sperm and Embryo's is a crime here in Canada!!!!

Finally after 8 years of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act coming into play the police are laying down the law and investigating some questionable  practices in the fertility trade in Canada.  The AHRA act clearly states that the exchange of money for Sperm, Eggs, Embryos or the Services for Surrogate Mothers is a crime here in Canada.  Then why have people been receiving money under the guise of such actions....more

Does Wi-Fi Nuke A Man's Sperm?

There was small rumble about it in the news on Monday, but that rumble was from Reuters, and pretty soon it was EVERYWHERE. The BBC, even YAHOO had something about it: the WI FI is coming for our men's SPERM! No one's sperm is SAFE! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO!?!?! I'll tell you what we shall do. We shall look at this paper, and we shall READ it. And we will point the bright light of SCIENCE at it and find out if it's true that WI FI nukes human sperm. ...more
I do feel these electromagnetic waves have some affect on us. If they are emmiting such powerful ...more

Exquisite Existence

Exquisite ExistencePhotography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen...more

Men's Sperm Quality Related to Intelligence

The old adage(bemoaned by women everywhere) that, too often, men think with that particular lower organ, rather than the one inside their head may actually have some truth, after all.  A study on the quality of sperm, published in Intelligence by Rosalind Arden of King’s College, has study the relationship between men's intelligence and quality of sperm and the results indicate that men with higher intelligence have better quality sperm. ...more

Interesting study for sure.  There might be a correlation between IQ and sperm quality.  It ...more