Pros and Cons of Using a Donor

My husband has non obstructive azoospermia, which essentially means that as far as we can tell, he is not producing any sperm. This is a post from my blog about our experiences dealing with infertility as a couple and about raising our little boy who has been brought into our lives using a sperm donor. ...more

I Would Have Bought Your Donor's Voice Recording, but I Spent All my Money at the Whole Foods Salad Bar

We have one last hurdle to get through before we can official pick our donor, but is has also given me time to think about the financials of this baby makin' process.  I'm cheap, but I'm also a tech nerd.  I bought the iPad when it first came out and bought little accesories via eBay over time and it wasn't until I went to sell my iPad to upgrade that I added up what all those little things cost.  Ugh....more

Who's Your Daddy? Or, Choosing a Sperm Donor

We are approaching the point where we are choosing a sperm donor and the best way I thought to blog about it was lie a game of Guess Who.  Read on......more

I Like My Men Like I Like My Beer: Served Cold & In a Six Pack

Or how we began the journey of choosing a sperm donor.  I think, to sum the first experience of this up, it's an overwhelming power to feel kind of like you're playing God.  Does hair color matter?  What even does the writing sample tell you?  If the child isn't going to hav ethe genes of your partner does matching eye color matter?  Did you know there is a sperm donor bargain bin at some places?!...more

DNA, Genetics and Half-Siblings are all we have to put the Puzzle Pieces together!

Finding half-siblings for my kids has been very important for me, in truth it is why I started blogging, in almost every post I would put our donors number (BGM 9581 by the way) and it is why I joined the DSR (Donor Sibling Registry) before my first was even born.  I feel I have been lucky enough to find two half-sibs. One on the DSR, and one because of my blog....more

Canada Upholds Anonymity

The Canadian Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of a Toronto woman who is fighting to know the identity of her sperm donor father. Unfortunately, the Court of Canada has refused to hear her case and did not provide an explanation for its decision....more

MTV Introduces Generation Cryo

MTV Networks is at it again with their provocative original series. The network that hasn't had the best TV ratings nationwide, is struggling to keep viewers glued to their original programming and with a younger demographic, keeping the attention of "tweens," is proving to be difficult for the once mega network. In an effort to capture more of an audience, the network has just announced their plans to move forward with a new original series, Generation Cryo. The new unscripted series will follow a 17 year old girl who was conceived via a sperm donor....more

Why Using an Anonymous Sperm Donor Can Be Dangerous

A Dutch man who donated sperm is coming forward with information of a serious illness that may have been passed on through his sperm donations. The man donated his sperm in the 1990's. In 1997, he tested positive for a genetic illness known as Lynch Syndrome, which can cause various serious types of cancer to develop in people, usually between the ages of 30 and 50. ...more

Kansas Craigslist Sperm Donor Twist

A new twist in the Craigslist sperm donor case in Kansas has emerged. Back in 2009, a same-sex couple sought out a sperm donor via Craigslist so they could start a family. The two women and the man they found signed an agreement and a baby was conceived. Fast forward some time and the women ended their relationship, leaving the biological mother and child to apply for state assistance. Since the three did not use a doctor during the artificial insemination, the state found that the biological father was to be financially responsible, causing a big legal battle....more

Who Owns a Donor's Sperm?

An interesting Israeli case involving a woman who resides in Florida has brought the question of donated sperm ownership to light. A woman who purchased sperm to have her first child, later bought 5 additional samples from the same donor through a sperm bank. She decided to have the samples frozen so that when she did decided to have more children, her daughter would have biological siblings. Apparently, the sperm donor changed his lifestyle over a course of time and decided that he no longer wanted his sperm available to buyers....more