A Case of Stolen Sperm?

In an extremely bizarre lawsuit, a man in Louisiana is suing a a sperm bank after he claims the company gave his donated sperm to his ex. According to the news piece, the sperm donation was made specifically for another woman but it somehow got into the hands of his ex-girlfriend. The woman walked into the sperm bank and somehow "faked" her way into getting his sperm. ...more

Court Ruling: Biological Father Has No Custody or Paternity Rights

Actor Jason Patric has lost a custody and paternal rights battle with his ex-girlfriend. A judge ruled against him despite never having done anything wrong. The couple who were together for numerous years split up in 2009. At the time of the breakup, Patric offered his sperm to his ex provided he had nothing to do with raising the child and that she would not later seek child support....more

Single Mothers vs. Deadbeat Dads

Today someone left a comment on a blog post I did last year about Father's Day.  I took a lighthearted look at the differences between good Fathers, okay Fathers, Poor Fathers and worst of all - the absentee father who can make a baby but refuses to be anything remotely resembles a Father figure to his child. ...more
One thing no one talks about is forced fatherhood. Women who hate kids, or arent' prepared to be ...more