Everything You Need to Know about Sunscreen (and the Best Drugstore Sunscreens to Buy)

Summer is almost here, which means that it's time to think about sunscreen. It's also Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so this is the perfect time to talk about protecting your skin. Each year, new evidence comes out helping consumers choose the best protection for their skin, and frankly, all this information is a bit confusing to juggle when looking at those bottles in the drugstore. To make it simple, I've broken down what you need to look for in a sunscreen, as well as how popular sunscreens match up against the guidelines. (Hint: that sunscreen you've been using for years could contain dangerous chemicals or be flammable!) ...more
I'd actually like to try to make my own sunscreen using carrotseed and a carrier oil. Has anyone ...more

Beauty Product Review: Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation

Looking for a foundation that looks natural and protects you against the sun’s rays? How about Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation. -PJ Gach...more

Sunburn ....I mean Summer Memories: Tips for Playing it Safe in the Sun

summer is fun and most of us love the sun and the tan.more

Sunning To Get Safer?

File this one under government efficiency....more

What’s Your SPF? The Dangers of Sunscreen

Rays of Light {Seen...more

Not Just Lip Service - Your Lips Need Sun Protection

If there is a “theme” or “mantra” to this blog I believe it would be – always use your sunscreen!  As I have mentioned before in my posts no matter what time of year it is or what type of weather it is you still need to use sunscreen daily, and you need to reapply your sunscreen.  One part of your body that is ALWAYS exposed to the sun’s rays, 365 days a year, are your lips, but I think many of us forget that even our lips need sun protection.  Get into the habit of using lipsticks, glosses, or chapsticks that contain spf 15 or higher. ...more

Sunscreen for every day (plus this week's BeautyHacks wrap up)

We're rushing toward Labor Day, which is the official end of summer; it's nearly time to wash the beach towels and pack away the pool bag. Just don't pack your sunscreen up -- you're going to need that, every single day, for the rest of your life.  I am entirely serious.  The only thing that damages your skin more than unmitigated sun exposure is smoking -- and if you're smoking AND skipping sunscreen?  Girl, we need to talk. ...more

I found a coupon for Norwegian Formula Age Shield hand Cream. If you want to keep your hands ...more

Better Skin With Garnier

For some strange reason, it always seems to take me a long time to finish beauty products, I don't know why, I'm not freakishly small - so whatever I choose to slather on my face or legs or hair had better be good because I could be using it for months. And I'm not always willing to throw away products that don't seem effective. I feel like it's wasteful. ...more

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Sunscreen 101: Improved Sunblocks and Sunburn Relief

Summer is the time your skin needs extra protection. Even if you are not sunning at the pool, your skin still needs some extra TLC when you wear short sleeves and shorts.  ...more

Sunscreen/Sunblock - What's the difference?

Those close to me hear me preach about the importance of wearing a real SPF all the time. You cannot deny the evidence. In the anti-aging world, prevention is everything. The fact of the matter is, chronic sun exposure hinders elastin production, resulting in saggy, lackluster skin. ...more

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I do want to mention, however, that the American Academy of Dermatology ...more