Gyro Seasoning

Because I cook a lot I am always looking for interesting blends for different dishes but I just can’t always find what I need at the grocery store. Most of the time I already have what I need in the cupboard but I just have to put it together.I probably don’t cook Greek inspired foods as often as I should with its wonderful Mediterranean use of nuts and honey but at the very least with this blend I am now ready to take it on....more

No-Crumb Spice Cookies

 "Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,and to the house of the God of Jacob;and He will teach us of His ways,and we will walk in His paths;...more

Homemade Taco Seasoning

 I never hear complaints about what we're having for dinner when it's taco night.  Simple, classic tacos are one of the few meals that all of my kids look forward to, so we have them often.  Some of the kids like the soft tortilla shells to hold all the ingredients together, some prefer the hard shells.  Some add hot sauce, some don't.  Some pile on the sour cream, others load up on shredded cheddar....more

Make Your Own Mason Jar Spice Holder

I can never bring myself to part with a mason jar, so I thought of something I could use them for. Then it dawned on me! I have been trying to clean out my lazy susan in the kitchen. Since I didn’t want to spend any money doing that, I decided to make my own version of a spice rack/holder thingamajig ...more
Thank you ladies!  So glad you all liked it!  :)more

The Kitchen Think: Is Your Spice Rack Contaminated?

Just as we’re all about to roll up our sleeves and start our holiday cooking and baking, the Food and Drug Administration says 12 percent of the spices brought into the U.S. are contaminated with insects, rodent hairs, and who knows what else....more
Do you really think that it would any different if you collected them yourself??? Your salad ...more

Wonderful Saffron