Sadistic Salsa

In the mood for something spic...more

Soup Starter Challenge - Pho Real

Stacy and I love a good challenge, but when I read about the Pacific Soup Starter challenge, I was particularly excited because this was an opportunity to brainstorm something TOTALLY unique....more
Pho real. Bwahahahahaha!more

Arrabiata Sauce

Arrabiata translates to angry; so this is my angry sauce!  Actually it’s simply a spicy/strong tomato sauce flavoured heavily with red chili flakes and tons of garlic… yum!  Now I’m not promising you clean breath but if everyone is eating this then everyone cancels it out! ...more

Pickled Corn with Red Onion and Cilantro

Oh my. This sounds really good.more

Malay Spicy Ayam Masak Merah

Ayam masak merah, meaning ‘chicken in red spicy tomato sauce’, is a continuation of my specially dedicated effort to cook Malay food to celebrate the upcoming Hari Raya Puasa. It’s a good way to compliment my previous recipe of Nasi Kunyit too!Enjoy!...more
@Paper_Plates_ Hope I'll get a chance to visit Malaysia to try out this dish too! :)more

Crunchy And Spicy Batter Baked Shrimp

Crunchy And Spicy Batter Baked ShrimpPublished May 20, 2013 | By Stacey | ...more

Southwestern Spicy Habenero Smashed Potatoes

Yes, needless to say, I like it hot. It seems as though everything we make has a spirited kick. I have detailed how we, at any given time, have a minimum of 6 different hot sauces and several types of peppers in our pantry. I have always had a love of all things fiery. When I was very young, my Grandfather would make Jalapeno dip ( a recipe which I will most certainly share with you all soon) and even as a wee tyke I would scoop it up and devour it with relish. Clearly, I was not your typical PB&J loving child....more

Enchiladas - with a capital Easy!

Check out my stylin' new web address!So far, I have shown more dessert-y kinds of recipes on this blog.  I just really like to eat, share, and photograph desserts so much. (They’re decadent! And, well, pretty!)  But when I get a craving for something tomato-saucy, its ON. On. Like sauce on an Enchilada!...more

Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Cilantro Pepita Pesto from Pinch My Salt

As much as I love winter squash, I'm not a fan of sweet winter squash soups, which is why I love the sound of this Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Cilantro Pepita Pesto from Pinch My Salt. Nicole has given the soup interesting flavors with chiles, smoked paprika, cumin, garlic, and onions, and then she tops it with a pesto that's made from pepitas, garlic, cilantro, Parmesan, lime juice, and olive oil. I'd love this spicy soup for Meatless Monday meal, and I think it would make a great Thanksgiving appetizer soup as well. ...more