Sweet, sticky and fiery chilli jam

 I love my chillies. Love them in every form and every level of heat....more

Spicy Black Bean Soup

Day 25 of 30 Soups in 30 Days......more

Blue Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Burgers

Craving a juicy burger but know you’ll regret it if you eat an unhealthy, greasy, who knows what’s in it, burger at the local drivethru?  Well, you’re in luck.  These burgers are so easy, but flavorful, they’d be ready to eat before you even had the chance to put on some clothes and drive out in the frigid weather!   Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they are really really easy.  And, because you can control what goes in them and on them and in between them, they are healthier (ish) than fast food....more

Spicy Success...

Spicy is almost always better, in my opinion!  Whether that relates to food or to a story, and especially related to success.  It holds the interest, gets a reaction, adds flair to the taste, if you will.If failure really were the condiment that gives success its flavor, then every small success that I have had should about set my mouth on FIRE!  I have been interrupted, disrupted, given up, discouraged, beat down, angry, and now starting to finally taste that success-and it is SO good!  I want MORE....more

The Best Dried Chillies!

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordToday I want to introduce you to one of my absolute favourite online food shops, Chillies on the Web, which I am very excited to tell you has just become one of this blog’s sponsors....more

Spicy Green Beans

This is a great way to dress up green beans but really it could be used on any veggie you’d like. I made this for Mike and his family and it was well received. With that said, I added too much of the chili flakes (see notes) and needless to say, we drank a lot of water that night! Really though, I choose to believe I was doing everyone a favour because A) water is good for you and B) spicy food speeds up your metabolism; enjoy!http://lisagcooks.com/lisa-g-news/spicy-green-beans/...more

Grandma Angie's Recipe for the Best Guacamole Ever

Nothing goes better with a good taco or quesadilla than some awesome guac. Hubby's mom came over recently to teach me her recipe for a deliciously spicy quacamole that we ALL devoured. ...more
Isn't it great??  Even avocados alone.  I could eat them every day!more

The Best Pintrest Husband Appreciation Idea EVER!!!!

Right here, right now, I'm going to admit to the entire world that I am officially a Pinterest addict.I spend far too much of my evening hours trolling the pages of Pinterest for recipes, DIY project to do with my hubby, crafts I know I'll never make (but re-pin because someday I might actually become one of those people that can do a craft without a worst case scenario result),and quotes and stories to use in sermons later. ...more

Chickpea Curry

I found this recipe few years ago on a website that does not exist any more. I’ve been making it ever since and it turns good every time. Sometimes I use ground spices, like cloves and cardamom, instead of seeds. You can add more chilli powder if you like it really spicy. This healthy, low fat, low-carb, vegan one pot curry can be a base for other types of curry as well. You can add some sweet potato, pumpkin, butternut squash or coconut milk. Vegetarians can add some yogurt while meat eaters can even add some chicken to it....more