Marinated Chicken with Pickled Red Onions

  Sunday Dinner, May 22, 2011with recipes.......more

Smoky Spicy Salsa

A SPICY Solution For Your Bushels of Berries

It’s officially strawberry season in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our farmers markets are full of fresh ruby-hued orbs and strawberry desserts adorn local restaurant dessert menus. This time of year my family can’t seem to eat enough berries to satisfy; trips to the strawberry farm are part of daily chatter. ...more

Super Cheesy Black Bean Soup Dip- Happy Cinco De Mayo!

A Korean Stew to Soothe Any Cold (Jaden Hair's Spicy Korean Tofu Stew)

At Food Blog Forum Orlando last weekend I won an amazing prize: Jaden Hair‘s The Steamy Kitchen: 101 Asian Recipes Simple Enough for Tonight’s Dinner. When I got home my little J came down with a fever and cough. My own followed. I wasn’t in the mood to cook, let alone sample new dishes. Or at least I thought I wasn’t. ...more

Jamaican Pork Tenderloin

Last week when I made the pork tenderloin for St. Pat's Day I defrosted the whole package, which always includes 2 tenderloins. I browned them both off but wrapped the extra one in foil and put it in the freezer. Since I am trying to clean out the freezer to get ready for BBQ season it is time to bake it off. I will make another fav of ours only because I have all the ingredients on hand.I probably could have baked this pork with over a dozen sauces but I guess I was in the mood for something sweet and spicy so.............more

Chinese Szechuan Spicy Fish Soup

Last week, my husband treated me to dinner at a Szechuan (also known as Sichuan or Szechwan) restaurant in New York City called Wu Liang Ye, that serves authentic Szechuan cuisine. In the town that I live in, there are no authentically Chinese restaurants, let alone Szechuan. For anyone who is familiar with Szechuan cuisine, you know what I'm talking about when I tell you that Szechuan food is spicy hot and bold in flavor, leaving your mouth tingling with the after effects of Szechuan peppercorns lingering on your tongue....more

Hot Chocolate Cake: All Meanings Realized

I’ve been making this Hot Chocolate Cake for years but only recently noticed the ambiguous title. Then, I also noticed that all possible meanings are borne out. How fun! ...more

Sriracha Chicken & Green Rice

Sriracha Chicken & Green Rice ...more

Pepper Jack Soup from the Falcon Lake Deli

Soup-making is something that I just know how to do. Why? I grew up surrounded by soup-simmering and soup-eating. Tomato Beef Barleys and Chicken Noodles warmed my childhood. Vegetarian Borscht Dappled with Heavy Cream appeared in the spring and returned to freshen Ukrainian Christmas Eve (a meatier version was ladled daily at the Perogy Patch). ...more

If you do, let me know what you think. It really is an amazing soup and the leftovers pureed and ...more