Breaking and Entering

He came into my house!My residence, where I’m supposed to feel safe and protected from the outside world. My fortress of solitude and oasis from the dangers of the world. That safety has been violated.He broke into my home! What kind of slimy bastard does that?I didn’t notice him right away when I entered. I went about my business, unpacking groceries and getting dinner started. It was a few moments before I felt his eyes on me, heavy and threatening. I broke out in cold sweats knowing I wasn’t alone. Somebody is here....more

Halloween Spider Wreath

Today, I was able to finish up the Halloween spider wreath I'd been working on in between coats of paint in my office. It ended up quite a bit different than how I pictured it when I began (does that ever happen to you?), but I'm pretty happy with the final version. ...more
Love this idea!more

Yellow Sac Spider

I was watching Tv last night. While I was laying down, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. When I focused in on it, it was a nice meaty spider. I got up slowly, and smashed like no tomorrow. At first I did not know much about about this type of spider. After a bit of internet research I am glad that I was not bit....more

Growers Trust Product review P2

The second product that I received was Growers Trust’s Spider Mite Killer. As seen in the picture, I received a 32fl oz bottle of this product as well. Thankfully too. I still had some spider mite webs on my coleus when I woke up this morning. I had also planted an end of a green onion, and started to get spider mite webs on that as well....more

Spider Mites!

Spider Mites, how i loathe thee. If yo do know what spider mites are, I'm sorry. If you don't know what spider mites are, I'm sorry. I found out today that some of my plants ended up getting spider mites on them. DOH! So what is a spider mite and what do they do?...more

Nursery Rhymes For Your Toddler - Incy Wincy Spider

As my baby grows into a child, nursery rhymes are being sung more and more. This is a tale of one nursery rhyme which still makes me smile.Last summer, my toddler was playing in the garden. He wandered, well staggered, toddler style over to the slide and looked amused at something on the top."pider, pider" He exclaimed!...more