Spin Battle: Flywheel vs. SoulCycle

During a recent trip to New York, one of my goals was to check out a SoulCycle spin class [cuz I’m a spin nerd like that]. SoulCycle hasn’t expanded South yet, so I figured this may be my only chance to experience it at the moment. I love the spin classes at my Lifetime gym, but I also enjoy trying the new “boutique” spin classes when I have a chance. I dabble with Flywheel since there are locations in my area, and I tried Aqua Cycle during my last trip to NYC, so now it was time to add SoulCycle to the list.Ultimately, it’s all spin class. We get on bikes and spin for 45 minutes to an hour – no big mystery there. But as my fellow spinrats can attest, the experience itself can be very different depending on the instructor, music and philosophy of the gym/studio. As the latest boutique spin studios go, Flywheelfollow and SoulCyclefollow are the two juggernauts at the moment, so here is my breakdown of how the two size up to each other....more

Some days you just have to get off the bike and go home...

Today is day 3 of Qsymia.  So far I am just on the initial 14 day transition dose to the full dose.  I'm not sure if I've noticed a difference yet.  I did manage to go the whole afternoon without much snacking, which might have contributed to my eventual meltdown in spin class.  First off, let me just say that I love spin class.  Once I get into the routine, I forget that I'm fat and I just ride my bike.  I used to belong to a boutique kind of gym that specialzed in only spin and yoga.  I loved that gym and got into a great routine of spin class tw...more

Zombie Spinning

It sounded like a good idea at the time.  Hubby had been doing it for months and suggested I join him at an early morning spin class at the gym.  With class starting before the sun came up, I thought I could get my exercise for the day with plenty of time to get ready for work.  Sounded like a plan to me....more

Canadian Cycle Class: it's like American class but with different-coloured bikes

When I was back in Canada last month, my sister, known to all just you guys as GymSis, could not wait to take me to her gym....more
@victorias_view Hehe, it's always a challenge trying to coordinate my limbs into cohesive ...more

I'm trying to love spin class...really.

Send the Men in the White Coats.  And tell them to bring their pint-sized butterfly nets....more

That seems to be the consensus: love or hate! (or love/never want to try it!) I feel like it ...more

Stuck In The Mud

To read more from BUTTERFLY go to www.butterfly.pro...more

Trying Not to Vomit at the Spin Class

I have a friend who is a hard-core athlete. In her spare time she likes to teach fitness classes at a gym. She asked me to go to her spin class the other night. I said "sure," never having gone to a spin class, but thinking it would be a good workout. Like I said, she is hard-core and very competitive. I should have known that she would teach a class that would not be for sissies. ...more

The pre-dawn spin class seems to be very popular...I don't know that I can drag myself to the ...more