Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet

If you follow what I post on Facebook, you may have gotten a glimpse of what’s been happening to me in the spiritual realm over the past three weeks, but this is the first time I’ve tried to sit down and write a blog post about what I’ll call “The Experience.” The unfoldings have been so non-cognitive that I’m finding it very challenging to engage the part of my brain that likes to write, so I’ll ask for advance forgiveness if what I’m about to write makes no sense....more

Life Sucks Then You Die…could you imagine?

Truths from the Chaos Life Sucks Then You Die…could you imagine? These words came to mind in the middle of a night last week. Why…I don’t know. I think I was in junior high or high school when I first heard these words from class mates in passing. It was typical of high school slang. I doubt any of us believed we would die because life sucked. It was the kind of thing we said if a friend couldn’t make it to a party or a football game. Junior high and high school could be so dramatic....more
I will be drawing away again but I am thrilled that I stopped by, wrote a bit and saw your ...more

The Happy Catholic

I have to admit that the first time I walked into the Catholic church, I was very disoriented and a little scared. Growing up, I knew lots of people who went to that church and had never desired at all to be a Catholic. But my good friend and 'adopted' brother had invited me there, hoping to lead me back to church. ...more