St. Mark's Rosary Makers Ministry to distribute rosaries for 2015 Marian Congress

Susan Claire-Wild, St, Mark Rosary Maker Ministry coordinator, with the group ...more

Money: A Good Idea Gone Bad

Where did it all go so wrong?Money was supposed to keep the peace, not ruin it. When caveperson #1 wanted something from caveperson #2, s/he would look to trade. If #2 also wanted something from #1, all good! But what would happen if there weren’t a mutual wanting? Someone would get hurt, even killed; and given our dependency on our tribe, if the failed trade was between clans, a major wipe-out could occur....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 16

I have looked at this particular door so many times.  I used this photo in an art class and had to paint it  5 different times. I had chosen it because of the brilliant colors and the relative simplicity of the shapes....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 13

Control - we all want it. It gives us order and allows us to give reason to things rather than think everything is beyond our influence. Control comes in a manner of forms - from selecting the colors for environment we want to live in to saying no when someone asks us to do something that we don't want. Control is comforting....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 11

I was looking for a bit of inspiration for today's blog so I pulled out my workbook to look for a writing prompt. And the prompt said something or other about reliving an experience that made you feel good about yourself. The experience that immediately came to mind, both because it is so recent but also because it was so unexpected, had to do with my mother....more


HAPPY MOMENTS....Grab them whenever they come by.....Give them a hug and a Squeeze and open your arms to recieve them.....Life is full of happy moments....Sometimes we simply have to open our eyes to see them.Most Happy Moments are not complicated....They rarely involve money but they do involve time....Time to slow down to notice the little wonderful things present in your life at this very moment.....Happy Moments can come in almost any form....From Family sit-downs at the dinner table to working on a project together.....Happy Moments simply are around for our asking.......more

Gem Adventures Part 1

 Yesterday was a gorgeous day to go gem-hunting in North Carolina! For mid-November, 70 degrees and sunshine is only in a dream, for this Ohio native.Since I have been really interested in the healing benefits of gemstones and minerals, I wanted to go find some out in nature.Fun Fact:Did you know that North Carolina is the only location in North America that you can find emeralds?! NC is the proud supplier of 300+ gemstones and minerals!...more

Good enough

His Goodness Makes me Good Enoughposted in blogging, ...more