Why We Let Our Children 'Yearn' The Hard Way...

 I just hung up from a phone conversation with with my daughter, the college co-ed. She needed a little pep talk. She's upset because we are poor. Well, WE aren't actually poor. My husband and I do just fine. SHE's the one that's poor.   ...more

Why I Won't Buy Subscription Boxes...or Overindulge My Kiddos with STUFF

I've seen an influx of people with children ordering subscription boxes; pregnant, those with infants, toddlers, elementary aged children.  I just don't get it, and I think it feeds what will likely become a sense of entitlement when children get older....more

Presence or Presents?

As the recycling trucks take away the last bags of ripped wrapping paper and broken up boxes, homes are full of new toys and games. In the playgrounds, children are comparing notes about who got what, and, at home, they are busy determining which are destined to become much loved favourites and which will be gathering dust on the shelf....more

When Grandparents Spoil Their Grandchildren

Everyone knows the job of grandparents is to spoil their grandchildren.  "Spoil-'em-and-send-'em-home" is often the attitude that young parents feel  about their once strict parents who have become grandparents.  But for the sanity of all involved, there has to be some sense of balance between the generations. ...more

What Do You Mean My Kid Is Spoiled?

My sister and I recently had a conversation about whether or not my three-year-old daughter is spoiled. I, of course, don’t think she is. My sister disagreed, then later clarified maybe she’s spoiled by my family more than she is by my husband and me. This got me to thinking, though. I always get my hackles up when I hear the word “spoiled” because a lot of people seem to think that if you have an only child, she’s guaranteed to be spoiled. I don’t understand this thinking at all. Why would you buy your kid more stuff only because there is one child and not two or three? It seems to me that if you’re the type of person to buy a lot of kid stuff, you’re going to do that whether you have one child or 13, but hey, here I go being all defensive again. ...more

I think the word spoiled is better used in reference to foodstuffs. Be that as it may, children ...more

Spoiled brat: Has your child or you been called that?

Yesterday, in the Parent to Parent section of Massachusetts' WHDH-TV, I read this short article simply entitled "Spoiling" with a teaser, "Do you find yourself giving in to your child's demands for toys or treats? Could your kids be spoiled?" ...more

I remember the expression of spoilt rotten, but as you mentioned, by the time that happens, ...more