Are You Baby-ing Your Baby?

Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?by Mickey Goodman ...more

Billionaire Blocks Her Children from Inheritance

Gina Rinehart, an Australian mining billionaire, has legally blocked her own children from their stake in the inheritance left to them by her dad’s mining empire. ...more

Target Toy Department is not a Playground,just saying...

Yesterday I got the world’s WORST headache.  I think it was the computer.  I shut it down, took a drive, a nap, read my book, chatted with my husband, and watched a little television then read some more.  HEADACHE GONE!What was I doing on the computer?  Nothing much, just reading blogs and articles!  I don’t shop a lot online and I don’t play a lot of games.  I read a lot.  Probably the reason for the headache....more

Are Our Kids Too Soft?

I was reading a post by Mir Kamin very early this morning, where she talks about how kids today may be too soft. You can read the post here. It got me to thinking about things I do and things I do not do with my kids. The good and the bad. I think all of us parents just try to make up for the failing of our own parents' parentage. If that's a word....more

For Kids, There Is Definitely An "I" in Christmas

There is no debating it - most kids have an "I want it all" approach to Christmas and Chanukah. But we can't blame the little suckers. ...more

Why My Kids Are Spoiled

The kids already had lunch at school, but the rest of us had not. So we ate. And I bought the kids a bowl of ice cream. Zoe, Luke, and Olivia wanted Chocolate. Wade wanted vanilla. No one liked it. I said, ”Well if you aren’t going to eat it, just sit still and wait for us to finish eating.” Mimi said, “Would you like it better if it had chocolate syrup on it?” Wade said yes....more
I face the same situation with my mother and father in law,they spoil the kids to the core.How ...more

Five Things Friday - When I was a Kid...

50 years ago the old folks were talking about how spoiled the kids were as well.  Such ...more

What Do You Mean My Kid Is Spoiled?

My sister and I recently had a conversation about whether or not my three-year-old daughter is spoiled. I, of course, don’t think she is. My sister disagreed, then later clarified maybe she’s spoiled by my family more than she is by my husband and me. This got me to thinking, though. I always get my hackles up when I hear the word “spoiled” because a lot of people seem to think that if you have an only child, she’s guaranteed to be spoiled. I don’t understand this thinking at all. Why would you buy your kid more stuff only because there is one child and not two or three? It seems to me that if you’re the type of person to buy a lot of kid stuff, you’re going to do that whether you have one child or 13, but hey, here I go being all defensive again. ...more

I think the word spoiled is better used in reference to foodstuffs. Be that as it may, children ...more