Memorable Moments in TV History Before Social Media Spoilers

Google defines the term spoiler as a person or thing that spoils something.  Most often your TV show. ...more
I will add Rosalind Shays walking into the elevator shaft on LA Law.more

Beautiful Creatures: Where The Movie Went Wrong

So tonight I went out and saw the new film Beautiful Creatures starring Alden Enhrenreich as Ethan Wate and Alice Englert as Lena Duchannes. The film also boasts big names such as Jeremy Irons as Macon Ravonwood, the wonderful Viola Davis as Amma, Emmy Rossum as Ridley Duchannes and one of my other favorites Emma Thompson as Mrs. Lincoln, so you would think that the film makers would do an awesome job with such a great cast but unfortunately the film fell flat....more

So Many Spoilers in My Reviews of Legion, The Book of Eli, Dear John and Valentine's Day

 Omg, you guys. This weekend I watched The Book of Eli, Legion, Dear John and Valentine's Day. I liked them all. I am such a bad feminist. And a bad atheist.I can apply critical thinking to all of them. From a feminist standpoint, The Book of Eli is probably the best. It passes the Bechdel test (four women speak!) and has a good outcome for the women, one in particular. Okay, two. So that's cool. It has a pretty ridiculous premise, but I still enjoyed it. ...more

Do you like to be spoiled?

Spoilers - you either love them and seek them out with a passion or you scream and flee at the mere mention of them. Be they for books, movies or television shows people have either a love them or loath them attitude. I've been thinking about spoilers a lot lately. In particular I've been wonder this - is there a statue of limitations on spoilers? And isn't it mostly our own job to avoid them? ...more

If we are going to discuss, lets discuss!  No point in trying to really delve into any story ...more