Spongebob Lessons: The Captivation of Being Square

I love how so many cartoons and sitcoms are encompassed by a problem and a solution. In literary terms they are the plot, climax, and resolution....more

9 Party Decorating Tips - Take it to the Next Level

Last week, my daughter Thea and I were invited by Party City to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to attend a four-day/eight-parties weekend extravaganza. The sponsored series of events included attending a Football Kickoff Party, a Baby Shower, a Carnival, a Spongebob Birthday Party, a Rock Star Party, a Halloween Party, an Oscar Worthy Movie Night and a Girls Night-In Party. Whew, I am exhausted but inspired!...more

Letterman vs. Palin -- More Media Sexism or Just Tasteless Humor?

I'm not the only one who thinks that David Letterman owes us all an apology. But it seems like there are only a few of us. ...more

If you want to argue that Letterman should watch what he says overall for the sake of ...more