She is Fierce is Now Accepting Sponsors!

So you want to get in on the action - you know you've got potential (and so does your blog or business), and you want the world to know it.  You're fierce, and you've got plenty to say!  Well, a simple 200X200 button on just anyone's sidebar won't do that for you - but I certainly can, and here's how!...more

Heading Down The Right Path!

Now I feel like I finally am heading down the right path, with my blog. As you may have seen, a couple of weeks ago I registered my domain name for my blog and became hosted, through Bluehost....more

The Marriage of The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Responsibility, brought to you by BlogHer Entrepreneurs Sponsor Liberty Mutual

Last month's BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 Conference is one that's near and dear to my heart, and to Lisa and Jory's. We know that we could never have sustained building BlogHer over these last seven years without mentorship, without expanding and deepening our networks, and without taking advantage of the many resources and support systems out there for small businesses. We hope this conference helps other entrepreneurs find resources and support....more
@Helen_Jonsen Thanks Helen.more

Weightless Wednesday – No, I am NOT ignoring you!

I have not been avoiding the weekly weigh-in.  Rather, I’ve been hard at work with our newWeightless Wednesday sponsor!Starting next week I will be blogging about my progress for the following 12 weeks.  Their program is THE perfect fit for my lifestyle – easy, easy, and oh yeah, did I mention, EASY?...more

Motherly Law Announcement: Giveaways Coming Soon!

I wasn't going to do giveaways. But I have changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that when I'm the owner and author of this here blog. Recently I had a chat with a friend and fellow blogger. She persuaded me to give it a try. So, I am....more