Billie Here

Hi, I noticed that there have been a couple of references to me in previous blogs.  So I just wanted to write something for myself.  I can use the internet, usually just for Christmas and Birthday shopping.  I am allowed free access to Natalie's Fly Buy's points and what a lot of fun I have with those. (Although you have been having to purchase replacement underwear and slippers with those points haven't you? ...more

The week that was here in Auckland New Zealand

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about attending the funeral of my Great Uncle Doug.  This week there has been a wedding in the family to celebrate.My sister Julie and her awesome partner Vicky went to Hawaii for a holiday and managed to arrange a civil union while they were over there.  We are all very happy for them, and wish Mrs and Mrs McDag all the very best.  My biggest concern is that the paper work won't have been done correctly.  I mean look at all the problems Mr B Obama has had with his birth certificate....more