Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Porn Parodies – Good/Bad/Ugly?

What do our favorite porn performers think about the industry? Inquiring minds want to know! Well, we asked and they answered! Welcome to our latest editor's spotlight column, where we ask a bunch of stars the same question and see what kind of awesome answers grace our inbox....more

Beyonce's "Single Ladies": There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Let Kids Do Pop Music

Listen; I'm not a prude or a saint. I occasionally swear in front of my kids. I let them listen to most "popular" music and answer their questions when they want to know what something means, because I think they're better off learning it from me than from their friends. My philosophy is that it's a losing game to try to shield them from suggestive lyrics, so instead I try to listen with (and to!) them and offer explanations alongside infrequent opinions. (Because sometimes I just have to say, "You know? I think that's kind of inappropriate. I'd rather you not sing along to this one.") ...more
I am appalled! How can any sane parent allow their 7 year old daughter to wear that skimpy ...more

Fun with Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Video Spoofs

You've heard the song, you've sung the song, you've marvelled at the weirdness of the video. Now it's time to watch the spoofs. Lady Gaga is now so popular, spoofs of her songs are all over the internet. ...more

Like Denise said, your mother must have loved it!

Very Gaga-esque. Thanks for sharing ...more