How Parents Can Encourage Girls to Play Sports

Sports are a great activity for kids of all ages, however many sports seem to be completely dominated by the boys. Fitting into gender roles is becoming less and less common in many other areas. But when it comes to sports there seems to still be a large gender divide, with many more boys playing sports than girls....more

How I Got Off the Bench and Into the Game

Photo via ShutterstockI was an all-star bench warmer in high school. Basketball was my game. If they had given an MVP award for riding the pine, I would have surely won. Looking back now on my days on the bench, I realized how it impacted my career and leadership path....more

What I Learned about Race, Independence (Day) and Sports on my Puerto Rican Vacation

July 8, 2015 What I Learned About Race, Independence (Day) and Sports in Puerto Rico… I recently travelled to Puerto Rico for a decompression vacation. One of those vacations to get away from the daily grind. A vacation to enjoy and be in the now. A vacation to remind me that life is full of the unexpected - and ALL of the unexpected needs to be accepted. ...more

Fried Oreos, Funnel Cake and FIFA

 Funnel Cakes, Fried Oreos and FIFA: Hello Summer… ...more

Fil-American community spirit unites behind Pacquiao

The party at the house of Kay Antone ...more

California White Water Rafting

I’m planning a summer road trip in California for my family with as many outdoor activites as possible. While enjoying the ocean is one of the benefits California has to offer, we are looking for some real adventures and are considering trying our hands at a couple of white water rafting adventures....more

60 mph at 60 Years Old?

My friend Linda is a dare devil. I know this because she's always wanting to do things that would scare a normal person....more

I'm Obsessed With Sports And My Boyfriend Has To Deal With It!

I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy. OK, a lot of a tomboy. When girls were playing with dolls, I was playing on the court. When other girls had heartthrobs on their walls, I had a Lakers shrine in my room....more

Episode 38: Saturday Sport...

Mr Grump is in his element today, as the Rugby is on.  Apparently it is the Autumn Internationals (?), and as Wales (he grew up in Cardiff) and Australia are playing, it promises to be a riveting game. I am not that bothered myself, especially as England have failed to qualify,  but will enjoy rooting for Australia to wind him up!...more
Ha Ha! I love that saying, it is spot on!!! Two of my brothers play as well, as a spectator ...more