Why Sports Participation is Important for Women

As you know, Women are the backbone of every social. Therefore, they must take care of health and also fitness. Health women make a healthy society. Women thus must participate in sports and also games. They must enjoy their healthy life. Sports and also gaming make your body fit. So, participate in sports as well as watch your favorite games. It will bring a great change in your life. It is hard to know in the starting what to play....more

From where I stand: Micaele Fernandes

Crossposted from UN Women. ...more

Georgian rugby players lead advocacy to end violence against women

Crossposted from UN Women. From starring in billboards and videos to meetings with men and boys across the country, Georgian rugby players are leading advocacy to end violence against women. Public perception is changing, survivors are seeking support, and men and boys are taking a stand against violence. ...more

Football camps in Jordan plant seeds of friendship and cohesion

Crossposted from UN Women. For Syrian refugees in Jordan, integration into the Jordanian society is fraught with challenges. Mistrust and rumors taint how each group perceives the other. A project by UN Women organized football camps for adolescent girls, where Jordanian and Syrian girls built friendships and social cohesion. ...more

4 Thoughts on Tonight’s All Star Game

Too many Cubs.Four Cubs will start tonight for the National League. Originally five were in the lineup, but Dexter Fowler is injured. Five of eight starters were Cubs. Seriously, five of eight. Here’s the thing about Cubs fans: because of superstation WGN they are everywhere, and in disproportionate numbers, especially for a team that posted 59 losing seasons out of 107 since they last won a World Series. ...more

How Parents Can Encourage Girls to Play Sports

Sports are a great activity for kids of all ages, however many sports seem to be completely dominated by the boys. Fitting into gender roles is becoming less and less common in many other areas. But when it comes to sports there seems to still be a large gender divide, with many more boys playing sports than girls....more

How I Got Off the Bench and Into the Game

Photo via ShutterstockI was an all-star bench warmer in high school. Basketball was my game. If they had given an MVP award for riding the pine, I would have surely won. Looking back now on my days on the bench, I realized how it impacted my career and leadership path....more

What I Learned about Race, Independence (Day) and Sports on my Puerto Rican Vacation

July 8, 2015 What I Learned About Race, Independence (Day) and Sports in Puerto Rico… I recently travelled to Puerto Rico for a decompression vacation. One of those vacations to get away from the daily grind. A vacation to enjoy and be in the now. A vacation to remind me that life is full of the unexpected - and ALL of the unexpected needs to be accepted. ...more

Fried Oreos, Funnel Cake and FIFA

 Funnel Cakes, Fried Oreos and FIFA: Hello Summer… ...more