I survived a shiner on my 'giner and you can, too

WARNING: There are no photos of this.  Just inappropriate words and descriptions.  If you are my dad or pastor, you probably want to close this page now.'Giner Shiners.They happen.Pretty much every week on a derby track near you. It has happened to me. More than once.Because I have no shame or dignity left I'm going to speak candidly in order to help others who find themselves in this unexpected (and painful) predicament....more

The Best State of the Art Care

As I dive into learning more about the incredible innovations and the relentless pursuit of excellence at El Camino Hospital, I'll be bringing you more stories.  This last month, my focus was on the Orthopedic Institutes....more

Girls Sports Injury Terms Defined

Girls Sports Injury Terms Defined – Just the Basics with Help from the Doc Sports injuries in athletic young girls come with the territory. While there are preventative measures that help reduce the risk, chances are pretty solid that your athlete will meet with pain from time to time. Therefore, every so often, we will take your medical questions and pose them to the appropriate physician in order to help contribute to your understanding. Here is the first batch:...more