The Hypocrisy of Doping

You think I’m going to be all old school about this Lance Armstrong thing — it’s about the fairness of competition and the lying, blah blah blah?Well, I’m not. Lance Armstrong is a win-or-die sociopath freak show, without a doubt, but I’m over the hypocrisy of outmoded laws of competition that prohibit the use of steroids. It’s been pervasive in sports for more than a quarter of a century, starting with Arnold and his Mr. Universe days. Seriously, people....more

Sports Media Has A Rough Week With Twitter

Just about this same time last year my husband and my non-blogging friends were making fun of me for being on twitter. This year they all have twitter accounts, or @s if you will. It isn't just them either, everyone is on twitter; politicians, news networks, actors, and athletes have all joined the social media party. ...more