What NFL Players Could Learn From Little Leagues.

While Patriots fans were screaming and jumping up down and Seahawks fans were in standing frozen in complete shock, I found myself talking to the television:"Uh. Oh. Settle down, boys!"I could see it coming. I'm sure all 130 million of us could see it coming as the shoving and pushing and wrestling and full on rugby-scrumming broke out on the field.I get it. The frustration. The loss. The passion that they had been playing with all night long. The expectation. The brotherhood of testosterone-filled teammates....more

Hey, you in the bleachers

At first glance you might think this is just another pic of my son playing catcher, but if you zoom in and look between the batter and my son, you will see the fan that would've won the "Most Obnoxious" award in this game -- if I had one to give....more

A Mother's Perspective on Richard Sherman's Post-Game Interview

Mothers, let me ask some questions. If someone was trash-talking your boy, what advice would you give him? Ignore it? Walk away? Tell an adult? Stand up for yourself? If someone mistreats, verbally or physically, your children, how do you tell them to handle it? Image: © Tony Overman/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com ...more
funnyisfamilyI love that he gets so excited.  Few people really LIVE the passion they claim to ...more

I’m Raising A Loser And Why You Should Too

 I’m Raising A Loser And Why You Should Too ...more

It's only a game

This is a story I didn’t know if I would ever tell because it does not have a happy ending....more

Quarterback Flacco’s $120.6M Deal Perpetuates Unrealistic Fable

The U.S. is in a time of budget cuts, reduced social services, and high unemployment. Some professional athletes aren’t feeling that hurt, however, as evidenced by quarterback Joe Flacco’s $120.6M/six year deal with the Baltimore Ravens.Or are they?...more

That Competitive Spirit

   Trust me when I say I'm about as competitive as they come. I would probably race you to the door just so I could be the first one there. But there is a time and a place for competition, and I've learned how to suppress my competitiveness---to an extent. I admit that I'm super excitable with my son's sports. But in my defense, who doesn't like winning!?!...more

Video of Tame Bear Killing Finally Out-Where is the "Sport" in Sport Hunting?

In 2004 a country music singer Gentry, of the group Montgomery Gentry, killed a bear during a canned hunt. A canned hunt is the practice of confining "wild" animals in a relatively small space, and, for a hefty fee, allows "hunters" to hunt and kill them. Of course, the "wild" animals are often former circus or zoo animals that are tame,  or privately bred animals that usually come up to a human expecting a treat or a hug, and instead are killed at point blank range....more

The Home Run: 7 minute video of a competitive softball game where the players show true human Spirit

These girls are awesome! Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project inspired this video, a true story about a 2008 competitive softball game between Western Oregon College and Central Washington University....more