And Now She Flies


WTF Mississippi??

Seriously, there are days I wonder about Mississippi … the days ending in the letter “y”. If it weren’t for the fact The Sweet Potato Queens were from there, I’d be willing to write the whole place off. Which reminds me. Y’all want this book: Fat is the New 30 by the Boss Queen of the Sweet Potato Queens, Jill Connor Brown....more

I've never actually wished death on someone before...

I've never come right out and said, "I wish he would die" before, but for the first time yesterday I said it would be better if he did... or if any of the three did. ...more

Mom's Garden of Roses

            Our first house was literally the smallest house on the block. It consisted of only two bedrooms and one bathroom, all for a house full of kids. We did not have a big front yard.  It was a porch with steps and a long hedge made of stone, that stood about six inches tall and surrounded the whole front of the house .In this area stood two lifeless rose trees. The rose trees showed not an ounce of life....more
@KarenLynnn I also have back problems, but I am hoping to do at least some gardening. I really ...more

So, is it the same this time?

When I was a 15 year old run away under the influence of drugs, alcohol and the heady feeling of hormone induced invincibility, I met and got knocked up by a 24 year old man. Abortion never entered my mind and I married the abusive sperm donor. We went ahead and had two more babies and started living the American dream. In a trailer. No? Not your dream? Wasn’t mine either really. ...more

New eBook Helps You Identify the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse Before It Becomes Physical

Recognizing intimate partner abuse is the first step to arresting it before it spirals out of control. However, when you’re in an abusive relationship and you're part of the dynamic, it's not possible to see the enigma as a whole. You see its details, but it's difficult to see the dynamic as a whole. Those in this situation may feel its many facets and know its ugly branches of verbal abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse and psychological abuse. But the full enigma often eludes and confuses many people until they are domestic violence survivors. ...more

On Being a Smart, Independent, Emotionally-Abused Woman

“But is he mean to you?” my friend asks when I tell her that I am changing my last name back to my maiden name after my divorce.  “What do you mean?” I ask back, not wanting to think that she may be implying that if he hasn’t hit me, then he hasn’t been mean to me.  ...more

I have often said, to myself, that if he hit me, I could have him arrested, and I ...more