White Wine Roasted Garlic "Butter"

Don't peel the 80+ cloves of garlic needed for this recipe yourself - take advantage of pre-roasted garlic found at good markets (like Whole Foods)!  This spread comes together in under a minute and is rich and buttery.  Make sure you and your family/guests all eat some so no one will be offended by garlic breath!...more

Creamy Almond Butter

Almond butter takes a close second to peanut butter in the rankings.  Especially fresh homemade almond butter.  You can taste the TLC.  I remember making homemade peanut butter with my mom when I was little.  She'd pull out the food processor (that she still uses to this day) and we'd sit there and wait for the peanuts to transform before our eyes.  This magic trick still works on me.  ...more

I think adding a little oil really helps the grit factor too!more

Guacamummus / Hummamole (Avocado Hummus) Recipe!

 So…what’s a girl to do when gorgeous, big, ripe avocados are on sale during a week devoted to making humus? Make guacamumus!  Or hummamole!  (Or if you really want to be boring – avocado hummus.)  :) ...more