Riding the "Short Bus" Isn't Funny, and Neither Is Your Shirt

T-shirt text: I Ride a Short Yellow Bus. This super-offensive, super-demeaning t-shirt is not from one of those sites that specializes in offensiveness. It's being sold online by Hastings, a multimedia entertainment store with 146 locations around the country. A mom of a child with special needs in Montana found it in her store. "We were able to have it pulled from shelves locally," she wrote to me on Facebook, "but since it is a national chain, we feel this might be a concern for all special needs parents and it might be in other stores." ...more
Wow. Where I live riding the short yellow bus is not just for special needs kids. The buses are ...more

Confessions of a Former "R" Word User

Over the past few days I have seen some blogs write about the “spread the word to end the word” campaign. It’s all about not using the word retarded in conversation because it is offensive.I have to say, I love this campaign. But I haven’t seen someone admit what I’m about to admit I used to say the “R” word.I never thought about how insensitive it was. And so, I said it. In high school. In college. I was young and I did it because everyone else was. Because I was a follower. Because I never saw the innocent face of a person when I said it....more
I confess to also being a former "R" word user. I never meant it the way I now take it. Now I ...more