Cristina Dittamo - Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring, Geese a laying - Geese just relaxing on a grassy area in the late afternoon. Cristina Dittamo - Signs of Spring by CrisDittamo...more

Photo: Nature

Look what I found in the front yard!What surprises has nature given you? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

My Top 5 Yummy Spring Recipes

Spring is here! Although it has technically been "spring" since March, it is only now beginning to feel like it outside. Between the rainshowers that have been falling with regularity, the sunshine has been a welcome relief. On those sunny days I want to be outside all the time. Outside and with an ice cold drink in my hand. Picnic-lovers rejoice! Her are my top recipes to celebrate the welcoming weather. ...more

Spring Gardening with OXO

The weather is insanely beautiful this time of year. I love being outside and tending to my yard and garden. A few weeks ago I planted my garden. I happy to report it’s growing like a weed flourishing  Little by little I’m tending to the rest of our yard....more

Make Some Blackberry Kiwi Tartlets to Celebrate Spring, Vegan Style

To celebrate spring, I worked up this recipe for a vegan fruit tartlet. You can use just about any fruit to fill it, although berries are the easiest, since you don't even have to cut them. California berries are on sale right now, but this will really sing when I can stuff the little crusts with just-picked little juice bombs....more
These look delicious!  I was looking for a filling that involve yogurt or lemon curd.  I may ...more


BlogHer Writing prompt: Set a spring resolution: What is one thing you’re going to do differently this spring to grow as a blogger?Well if there is one thing that writing daily for the last 20 days has taught me, it’s that readers like consistency. When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I was directionless and honestly very intimidated by the mommy blogging world. It still is overwhelming at times....more

Simple Tips for Spring Skin

More than likely your skin is still suffering from the winter blues....more

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances


My Love-Hate Relationship with Nature

A person once asked me, "Why don't you like flowers?"...more