Tween Spring Break: What to Wear +$25 Justice or Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway

Spring break for Georgia students runs a bit late or perhaps I am just anxious to get away. Spring break for Tween Girl isn't until the first week in April, but it's never too early to start planning out her outfits and other items to pack. ...more

Boohoo Spring Break.

I may not get an official spring break now that my college days are behind me, but I'm more than happy to celebrate the official farewell to wi...more

Spring Break

 Spring is here… ...more

How to Have Safer Sex While Underwater

 For me, thinking about Spring Break hook ups can conjure up many a notion, but none so much so as having safer sex while underwater. ...more

Travel Condoms- Preparing for International Visits

 Due largely to the legal drinking age being 18 instead of 21 in other nations, the top Spring Break destinations are international ones. So what’s the simplest way to stay safer while humping your way across the globe? By bringing your own travel condoms from home, of course!...more

Staying Safe While Wearing Less

 When your minuscule Spring Break clothes are leaving little to the imagination, it can be a little more difficult than usual to find a safe and concealed place to keep your condoms....more

Spring Break? More like Spring Breakdown

Sooooo.  Yeah.  Our week started off with a bang.  I actually had spent some time scheduling play dates.  In advance. Gasp!  The shock! ...more

How to Have a Great Spring Break in Ten Easy Steps!

How to Have a Great Spring Break in Ten Easy Steps! Posted in Blogging, Faith, family, Kids speak crazy, Latent Nuttiness, ...more

Spring Break's Gifts and Challenges

Spring Break. That's why it's been a while since I wrote anything.  It is this particular week that both strikes fear in to my heart for the coming summer (and having the girls around all day every day) and thrills me because I get to hang out with my girls and do things like walk the dog and read books in the sunshine and bake cookies.  This week has been a perfect window in to just that. And now that it's Thursday, I'm ready for them to go back to school. And I have no idea how I'm going to survive summer.  None. ...more

The Law of Spring Break

I cannot be the only one....who has been with a group of people when your child decides to show a less than polite side of their personality, leaving you laying down the law in a little tougher of fashion than usual, much to your chagrin.  This is exactly what happened while we were on our big family Spring Breakin' vacation. ...more