Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks!

It sunny outside and the windows are open letting the stale winter air out. It finally warm enough here in Michigan to start my spring cleaning! Spring Cleaning strikes fear in the heart of many, myself included, but these tips will help make your yearly deep clean a little easier....more

Mel's Spring Cleaning Playlist and Free Cleaning Checklist Printable

Rabbit! Rabbit! Mel’s Spring Cleaning Playlist and Free Cleaning Checklist PrintableApril 1, 2016 Rabbit! Rabbit!...more

Container Store Plans for Spring Cleaning

Container Store Plans for Spring Cleaning...more

Purging the closet: 6 great ways to part with your stuff!

Recently I stumbled upon this article in my Facebook newsfeed and was inspired!  I wonder if this mom knew she would be changing closets across the country?  I'm not cleaning house completely (you bet I'm keeping my yoga pants) or buying a new wardrobe (that's not realistic right now), but I am taking my Spring cleaning to a whole new level this year!  My purge is in progress, and it feels great!...more

A picture of urine-soaked paper disguised as a request for opinions on old guide books

We've been married a little over fifteen years and during that time we've lived in twelve different homes. That's disregarding any stint too brief to make it on to a utilities statement....more

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Dealing With Outgrown Kids' Clothes

 So you have 28 storage totes of outgrown kid clothes in your garage, organized by gender, size, and possibly also by season. (Or maybe you just chucked it into the totes to organize “later.”) It’s time to make some decisions....more

Dollar Shave Club Suspects That I Have A Funky Bathroom - 5 Prehistoric Spring Cleaning Finds

I need to start this out by dwelling on the fact that Dollar Shave Club reached out to me to do this post....more
janeb  That is awesome to hear!  I was just over at your site this morning.  So glad that this ...more

Whenever I Lack, I Give

Recently, I either read or heard, "Whenever I feel like I'm lacking, I give." ...more