Get Golden (Tote).

I'm all about working more spring-like pieces into outfits these days....more

Baring it all at Paris Fashion Week

I followed Vivienne Westwood's lead on the Paris Fashion Week catwalk and wore a basket on my head and smeared lipstick all over my face. Big bows for Spring 2015!...more

Strong Shoulders and Go Blog Social 2014.

I went to Go Blog Social here in Kansas City this past weekend, and man did I leave inspired, revived, and newly-connected to some amazingly sweet and talented blogger pals. I’m still wading through business cards and speaker notes, but am so excited to apply what I learned at GBS 2014 to my little ol’ blog....more

Denim Junkie, Boyfriend Edition

Denim Junkie, Boyfriend Edition    Ok Girls, who else is tired of these Skinny Jeans?? After this winter and this damn Polar Vortex, the chances of me stuffing my ass into a pair of skinny jeans is slim to none! So bring on the Boyfriend Jeans!   ...more

Making the Winter to Spring Style Switch

Finally it's Spring! Time to freshen up, brighten up, and clean up your look. The days are longer and lighter so you have more chance to be under the spotlight and show off your signature style. So here's some tricks and tips for making the switch into Spring fashion. ...more

5 Perfectly Spring Accessories

The weather is sunny and bright - time to pack up the sweaters and wooly scarves and move on to pretty, lighter touches. But what's hot and what's not? I've got five great Spring fashion accessories that will be easy on your budget and bring you up to date without requiring a closet overhaul....more
@BlogHerStyle Great advice!!!more

An Interview With Tennille White: Chicago Fashion Designer

Seems I've been playing catch-up these last two weeks with, amongst other things, a surprised request from Chicago fashion designer, Tennille White....more

Hats and Fashions of the Kentucky Derby

When it comes to fashion at the Kentucky Derby, there is no such thing as 'over the top' although classic styles usually lead. Elaborate chapeaus, bright spring silks, seersuckers suits, pastel linens, classic bow ties (no clip-ons), race-themed accessories, feathers, flowers and fancy shoes. It's all part of the panoramic people display unique to the Derby. As for the hats? ...more

Thanks, Erin! Maybe we can get a High Tea going at BlogHer this year ... good excuse to wear ...more

And the hot color for spring is...(drumroll please...)

I recently had a few rare free hours on an equally rare springy March day in New York and popped over to Soho to see what was up with the rich and fabulous by way of fashion. As it turns out, most of my favorite shops had one thing in common: Purple. ...more

I'm so excited to be able to use the stuff I bought last year - pulling out the purple purse ...more

The White Shirt

Right around this time each year, I start to long for Spring. Don't get me wrong, I do love the Winter. I love the cold and snow and wearing lots of layers. But, come February, I'm itching to be rid of some of my sweaters and start gazing lovingly at the Spring fashion catalogues. My mind wanders to linen and taupe and away from wool and dark brown. But, we still have plenty of cold temperatures to endure! What to do? ...more

I like the GAP white shirt and Club Monaco white shirt.  It's really classic and very ...more