Long White Vest + White Pumps.

Break out the white, folks....more

Souvenir Bomber Jacket + Boyfriends.

Souvenir bomber jackets are having a major moment (mostly on ...more

3 Go To Spring Looks for New Moms

Remember the time you had to push out a person and then for three months you “walked” around feeling like you were just hit by a truck, but society still expected you to wear clothes?...more

How To Wear the Boyfriend

I have been looking tirelessly for a good pair of boyfriend jeans.  I keep seeing them everywhere, and love the look of them, however, as I continue to try them on I am disappointed. ...more

Fashion Friday: The Clothes Tree by Deborah

This past Wednesday at "The Club" in Birmingham, AL, a very fun and exciting fashion show was held featuring models with Darlene Higginbotham of DarleneReal.com, and clothes from The Clothes Tree by Deborah. My mom and I were guests of one of the models, Mrs. Ellen, and had a delicious lunch, met some beautiful faces and found a new place to shop for current styles.My mom was my secretary and took excellent notes while I took pictures....more

10 Best Print Dresses to Wear Now!

Add some sexy glamour with a demure or wild print dress. -PJ Gach...more

How to Shop Your Closet

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."- Coco ChanelAre winter doldrums sinking you? Are you so over cabin fever?I'm envious of Californians right now; I'm itching for an outdoor life.And my clothes—ugh. I turn my back. Be gone.I peer into my closet and cannot bring myself to sport my winter uniform anymore....more
I recently decided I needed to actually clean the dust bunnies from my closet which required me ...more


@jen vroi I fixed it -- the width for BlogHer should be no larger than 465 wide. :-)more

Whimsical Spring Accessories

Emily Haworth-owner and designer of ByBeep ...more

what have you discovered?

from http://booneandowl.blogspot.comi  discovered that i like bench pictures. now i realize this is silly, but i feel pretty passionate about them....more