Wordless Wednesday: My Eyes Are Drinking in Spring

Every spring it seems thay my soul is shriveled and starving, thirsting forthe life and colours of spring. I literally drink beauty in through my eyes.What’s the best part about spring? Seeing all the gorgeous, colorful, sweet, and gentle blooms in your garden!  Flowers always make us feel happy, relaxed, and refreshed....more

Gratitude for Spring Flowers

It is cool outside today in Ontario, Canada (16 C) but the sun is shining. Although we are 3 to 4 weeks behind this year for gardening, I will not complain today because the trees are starting to leaf out and my spring flowers are starting to bloom. Enjoy the colour with me and let’s allow gratitude bloom in our hearts....more

A Stroll Through My Backyard

    Spring is my favorite season.  It's when I can look out my windows and see a backyard full of daffodils and narcissus.  When the days are cold, I might pick a few of my miniature daffodils and bring them in the house to enjoy.      Only one variety of...more
Hello Julie.... Columbines will scatter seed and I have many plants that have come from ...more

It's Springtime!

 @Laine Griffin thanks Laine.  Guess what's for dinner tonight?  ;)more

Spring Flower Topiary Tutorials

Topiaries seem to be all the rage at the moment, whether you want a centre piece for your dinner table, a lovely floral decoration to put on your desk, or reception decor for your wedding, the possibilities are endless.We've gathered a selection of Topiary Tutorials from some very talented ladies, so pop on over to theFlowerpot Design Blog and have a browse....more

Dig In for Cool Spring Gardens

We just celebrated the spring equinox -- an astronomic if not an actual sign that the season has arrived. While snow still holds on many northern locations, it truly isn't too early to begin to plant your early spring gardens. Many plants do well in the wet and cold of spring, yet wither away completely in the warmth and bright sun of summer. ...more

Digging the Dirt: Spring Flowers!

Spring has Sprung/The grass is riz'/I wonder where the flowers iz?? I would repeat this (grammatically FAILed) ditty every spring as I prepared my parents' garden beds for planting our summer annuals.  For some reason our house was not blessed with the tulips, daffodils, forsythia, violets, and other bright splashes of spring color.  We had everygreen shrubs and brown beds waiting my Spring break week of labor, and Memorial Day weekend of planting. ...more

Oh, Megan, those are happy annual flowers. I smiled just reading about it!