How To Wear Pastels

If you’ve been shopping around online lately I’m sure you’ve noticed that stores are starting to bring out their spring lines. As exciting as this is, we can’t deny the fact that it is indeed still winter. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little spring influence into our winter wardrobes....more

Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

 With Spring right around the corner, it's hard for me to resist from jumping right into spring makeup and fashion. Heck, I wanted to break it out before the New Year! So, I've decided I'm doing it anyways.Just like our men, makeup trends change every year. Here are some makeup ideas to get you pumped about the new season. NAKED LASHES AND BOLD LIPS:...more

Spring Decor Trends 2012

Spring is in the air...I can just feel it! And bright colors are being seen all over the interior design and fashion world right now. And with this unseasonably warm winter the thought of cold weather makes me shudder. Cold weather is no longer welcome in my book:). I'm absolutely loving that the flowers are beginning to bloom, if they haven't bloomed already. The tulips, daffodils, azaleas, etc are creeping in....more
I like craig duncan's living room, really lovely. Like the green color theme, its very refreshing!more

Printed Shoes Put a Spring in Your Step!

Beyond classic and timeless animal prints, which everyone seems to be accustomed to now, Spring shoes are bursting with fun bold and floral patterns! From platforms and wedges to ballet flats and lace-ups look for pops of color in stripes and polka-dots, gingham and plaid, florals, tribal prints and hearts and lips. There seems to be the very very high-end versions and the very inexpensive lines but not too many options in between....more
Printed shoes are cute. Too bad they are so spendy.more

Spring for Neon: Can you wear the bright?

If you've walked past (or if you're like me, walked through) The Gap or JCrew lately, you will get a shock to the system taking in all the shocking pink, yellow and lime that's showing up for Spring '12.  While I never really embraced neon the first time it came around, in the 80's, I'm super into it now!...more

in a {floral} state of mind

Was there ever a time when floral prints weren't perfectly chic for spring? Just sayin'. Still, I must say - the floral pieces the designers are coming with this season are defiantly vibrant and fresher than ever. This collection of fabulousness {all via NET-A-PORTER, who else?} showcases the season's passion for blooms in a way that harnesses the NOW - with the addition of sequins, updated silhouettes and shapes, and even the once-offensive method of mixing prints....more

All A-bloom

Spring 2010 colors are rich and beautiful, just in time to get us out of the winter funk we've all been feeling.  The prints are vibrant and put a spring in your step.   ...more

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