Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Yesterday was Odette's first St. Patrick's Day and to say we went a little overboard would not be an exaggeration! Throughout the last week we've made shamrock shakes, rainbow pancakes, went to an Irish Pub, dressed in green and went to a mini Irish festival to celebrate. Can you tell I'm Irish?!?...more

If You Don't Have Any Clover You Can Never Get Lucky

image credit: freedigitalphotos.netWe have a neighbor with a perfect lawn. His grass is thick and bright green and no weed would dare rear it's seedy head....more

Interesting And Unknown Facts About St. Patrick's Day (INFOGRAPHIC)

It's St. Patrick's Day and like every year, we celebrate this holiday, with my husband's family, by wearing green, eating Irish stew and drinking Bailey's. Since my husband and I are both of Irish heritage, we like to carry on the Irish traditions that we are so proud of....more
BreakTheSilence  Thank you so much for reading my post!more

Lucky Link-Up Recipe

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I can't believe how fast this year is going already! Hope you are all wearing your green today, enjoying corned beef and cabbage and making everything into shamrock shapes! Last week I entered my healthy shamrock shake in a recipe link-up on Erin's site Strawberry Swing and Other Things (if you don't check out her blog already, you should!)....more

St. Patrick's Day Blues

I must admit to being a little homesick today. How could I not be? St. Patrick's Day was always one of my favourite days of the year. As a child it meant a day off school and a brief respite from the abstinences of Lent. In my college years and early twenties it meant finding a pub with good Guinness, music and craic. This day last we were up the Dublin Mountains in Johnnie Fox's eating the finest Irish fare. ...more

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Irish Ball Shenanigans in Shanghai

Men in kilts, women dancing with blow up dolls, unlimited Bailey's and Guinness=IRISH BALL!  Or, as I call it, prom for grown ups who like to drink ALOT.  Thom and I attended the Shanghai Irish Ball at the Shangri La Hotel last night with our buddies from Trivia Night.  A table of mainly Brits enjoyed a fun-filled evening with entertainment galore, silent auctions/raffles and great food.  Oh, and unlimited booze which many took full advantage of until 4 a.m.  When we left after midnight, t...more

Eat Irish This St. Patrick's Day!

My mom’s side of the family is Irish, and very proud of that fact. I thought my grandparents made Irish food more when I was younger, because I have vivid memories of parsley dumplings afloat in Irish stew and seeing it come back up later that night....more

Dirty Mint Shamrock Shakes

One of my absolute favorite ice cream shops is Three Sisters in Providence, Rhode Island. They make a few dozen homemade ice creams, which I feel compelled to try about once a week when Ryan is playing in Pawtucket. I can’t even begin. Everything is so unusual and delicious. One flavor that tops my list in the summer is their Dirty Mint Ice Cream, made with a creamy vanilla base and fresh garden mint. It is so refreshing that it makes me smile the whole time I eat it. After having it I tend to turn my head to artificial mint flavored ice creams....more
Looks great and delicious. Will definitely try this one... ...more

A Bite o' the Irish: Lamb and Guinness Shepherd's Pie

I’ve mentioned a few times in other posts that Ryan is a “pie guy.” When we first met, without realizing they were all pies, he said his favorite foods were chicken potpie, shepherd’s pie, and banana cream pie. Over the years I’ve made some of these dishes for him. I’ve also expanded his food horizons quite a bit, which is a trait that comes from my family. I am pretty sure my mom would brag that she is not, in any way, a pie lady. We rarely (if ever) had those dishes growing up. The words “pie” and “casserole” were only mythical dishes from another world. ...more