Get a MOVE On! Get OVER IT! I DARE You!

Last month, my husband and I finally sold and moved out of the house we have owned for 30 years, opting for a small and much more manageable apartment in a Manhattan high-rise.  Here’s advice for anyone deliberating a long-delayed move:The physical feat of moving will be chaotic enough, so plan it well.  Arduous even for someone like me who lifts weights three times a week!  ...more

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

Banking on the success of Project Runway, Bravo has launched Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. In the tradition of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Gunn's show brings his inimitable approach to fashion to the people, employing the now-familiar formula of the sixty-minute makeover. The self-nominated participant has her closet decimated, goes shopping, and returns as a reformed, more beautiful version of herself. Along the way, she confronts her demons, learns to walk like a supermodel, and meets a super designer who tells her that she's beautiful. She is shepherded through this process by Gunn and supermodel Victoria Webb, who seems unsure why exactly she's here or what precisely she's supposed to be doing. ...more

Before I start ranting on about the show I have an important question!!! On the first episode ...more