Losing My Parents, Losing My Voice

I've been trying to start a blog for a couple months now. In theory, this should be no big deal. I used to have one, for six years. And I'm a natural-born oversharer. I've brazenly talked about my failures as a wife and as a single parent on morning TV. My Facebook status updates have been a detailed record of life's minutiae, from the delight of freshly highlighted hair to the irritation of traffic jams. And once a month in the editor's letter of the magazine I ran for six years, I'd craft a simple piece, whether about my promises not to overschedule and overanticipate for the holidays or about my sense of loss for having had only one child, that would resonate with the 10 million women who might read it....more
I am so sorry for your loss.When I lost both of my parents I experienced a similar feeling of ...more

How Do You Get a Happier Marriage?

Reading about long-term relationships isn't always fun. Facebook fuels divorce. Tiger Woods and Jesse James are serial-cheating douchebags. Squeaky-clean Jon and Kate Gosselin turned out to be not-so-happy, not-so-in-love-with-their lives, fame-seeking trainwrecks. And, oh, man -- Melissa and Tammy just split after seven years. Everywhere I look in the media, I see lives actually torn asunder by the break-up of marriage or long-term cohabitation. And I ask myself: Is this what could happen to my beautiful life? Is that heartbreak inevitable in today's culture? ...more
my husband and i have gone through rough patches in our 12 years of marriage and we have a pact ...more

Advice for Real Life: Ask Stacy Morrison, Redbook Editor-in-Chief, About Her Book On Divorce

As a divorced woman who read dang near every self-help book on the D-word I could find, I am very happy to recommend one of the few that helped me de-code my emotions: Falling Apart In One Piece by Stacy Morrison, editor- in-chief of Redbook. ...more

It is very hard going through a divorce when

there are children involved. When you need ...more

What I learned from (hot chick on Wired magazine cover) Julia Allison

What kind of ambition drives a woman to appear in a glamour shot on the cover of a nerd magazine under the caption, “Become Internet famous (even if you’re nobody)…Julia Allison and the secrets of self-promotion.” Did you all see the recent Wired cover with Julia Allison? Women on Wired are rare enough, and I read the piece with curiosity after ripping it away from my husband. ...more

That and a hot body to go with the lessons Ihave learned in these 40 some years. Watch ...more