You've lost your job - How are you feeling?

If you lived long enough to know job loss than you also know the emotional roller coaster ride that follows. The ease in which you go through this phase is for the most part dependent on whether you initiated the change or the company made the decision for you. If losing your job was involuntary then a whole host of feelings could rise to the surface....more

Fear and Grief

The second Monday of the month is Support Group night, and so for the third month in a row, last night saw us skipping the college football game (much to my husband's chagrin) to sit in a circle with other teary-eyed couples, clutching foam cups of lemonade, passing tissues, and sharing our stories.  ...more

BlogHers of the Week: Lesbian Dad; Spin Me I Pulsate; and Matt, Liz and Madeline

This week we couldn't help but notice a theme in some of your recommendations for BlogHer of the Week. As I started to read your posts a familiar, but long tucked away, feeling of grief arose, and I was grateful I wasn't in the office at that moment, because the tears came, then again, and again. I remembered how it felt to touch bottom, experience emptiness, and then see life slowly leak back into the picture, sometimes slowly, and other times with overwhelming, ersatz saturation like Technicolor. ...more

I read the BlogHer of the week posts I am just blown away by the power of words and the ...more