How to Make Stained Glass - Quick and Easy Mother's Day Gift Idea

Tinting glass is just a trip to the craft cabinet and baking pantry away.  Surprise mom this Mother's Day with an adorable desk top container that you made yourself.  Check out the full tutorial by Jennifer Perkins. ...more

Look Through Stained Glass Brightly

 I am celebrating the artistry and brilliant beauty of Tiffany stained glass windows, by featuring a few images for Almost Wordless Wednesday. ...more

On My List

There are a couple things on my bucket list that I would like to accomplish before too long.  They are nothing fancy, but are things I've always wanted to learn....more

Painting of A calm sea - sources of inspiration

Painting of A calm sea - sources of inspiration Some people are often asking me where my inspiration for my paintings comes from. There is certainly a lot of things, like dreams, walks in nature, impressions....more